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Interiors for trawlers and other commercial vessels must meet high requirements for robustness and durability.
At Gesten Baadaptering we have a large experience in production of the interiors of both bridge and cabins on board trawlers and other commercial vessels. We know that the interior not only must be robust and long term durable due to difficult and very demanding conditions, it must also provide a comfortable, safe and functional work environment on board.
We do have the expertise to provide the best solutions for interior for trawlers and other commercial vessels, regarding both materials and design.
For our solutions we use for instance teak, wood veneer, composite boards and various suitable kinds of solid wood.
Our requirements for the materials we work with are high. Therefor we do travel to teak and other types of wood producing countries several times a year, where we personally select the best lots of wood available for our production. This to secure delivery of the best quality of interior and deck to our customers.
Your commercial vessel and your crew will benefit from our expertise and large experience in creating the best possible environment and interior on board for both the bridge and the cabins - professionel solutions which last for a long time and also look great.



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