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Throughout our many years on the market we have performed a large number of very special orders of interior designs and accomodations as well as of other unique products made of materials like Corian, Acrylic, MDF, Laminate and Compact Laminate - often combined with a sort of Wood or molded Veneer - some finished with paint or laquer.

Due to all those special orders ever since 1978 we have gained a huge experience within manufacturing of special orders and products, both prototypes and for production, made for many different purposes and lines of industries in a close cooperation with the customers.

It is always an exciting job for us to develop, manufacture and finallly deliver one or more unique products not even seen on the market before, knowing we were in charge of the whole process from start to finish.

The photos show only a very few of the many special products we created at Gesten Bådaptering for our many different customers.


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Gesten Bådaptering aps • V. Stationsvej 43-45 • DK-6621 Gesten

Tel. +45 75 55 76 11