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One of our core competences is the production of complex laminated wooden shapes, such as frames, seats or other figures in many different shapes and sizes up to 1250 x 2500 mm.

We implement the entire process, that is from sketch to CAD-CAM model, prototype and production. Our setup is best suited for production runs from 1 to 100 pieces.

The molds are manufactured in our own workshop for both 2D and 3D subjects. Our presses can press 80 tons from the top and 2x40 tons from the sides, allowing for very large spans.

The glue can either be an exterior or an interior type according to customer preferences, and of course, also the type of wood is selected in accordance with the intended purpose.
We use ordinary veneer and 3D veneer as required.

Molded door frames are manufactured in standard and individual dimensions according to customer requests.


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