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Ever since 1978 Gesten Bådaptering has developed a great deal of expertise in moulded wood creating complex laminated wooden shapes.

We make all our moulds for each moulded part ourselves whether for accomodation, door frames or furniture. Through our more than 40 years on the market we have performed many interesting and exiting tasks concerning moulded wood.

We make 2D as well as 3D moulds, and our presses have an effeciency of 80 tons pressure from the top and of 2 x 40 tons from the sides. This very heavy pressure allows manufacturing of very large pieces of moulded wood.

We do manufature all sizes and shapes up to a max of 1250 x 2500 mm, and we carry out everything ourselves from the first sketch to CAD-cam prototype and production.

Our methods of production are customized for series of 1 - 100 pcs, but we also do deliver productions of much larger scale - for instance door frames of standard or special sizes.

We use common Veneer as well as 3D-Veneer, and the types of glue and wood are chosen to fit the purpose of the subject created as well as to fit the customers wish.

Most often, moulded wood parts of a finished subject like a piece of furniture or other interior design constitute a central part of the design and of the overall impression.

Gesten Bådapterings goal is to always create and deliver the best and strongest and most beautiful moulded wood product possible, and at the same time to deliver a product that will keep for a very long time after delivery and still be considered an attractive design both for use and to enjoy looking at.


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Gesten Bådaptering aps • V. Stationsvej 43-45 • DK-6621 Gesten

Tel. +45 75 55 76 11