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We employ appr 30 skilled craftsmen working with the wood; in addition we also do our own varnishing, final assembly, quality control and packing before shipping to the customer.

For more than 40 years, we have supplied quality yacht interiors for many of the well-known yachts, either the entire interior as a kit to be united with the hull at the yard, or we supply separate complex parts of the interior requiring special machinery.

Typical projects include
• Interiors for standard yachts
• Interiors for one off's
• Special interior furniture
• Milling on our 3 and 5 axis CNC
• Produce molds for pressing of complex laminated items
• Large program for pressed laminated door frames
• Large program of corners in many different sizes, radius and materials
• Varnishing


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Gesten Bådaptering aps • V. Stationsvej 43-45 • DK-6621 Gesten

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