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CNC milling

Our KARAT CMS milling machine is absolutely indispensable in our daily production at Gesten Bådaptering.

With this machine we can mill 3D parts of finished products in many materials like wood, MDF, laminate and compact laminate, Corian and combinations of different materials.

The CNC machine creates every part with a 100% accuracy resulting in a completely correct fit between all the parts of the finished product.

However at this time we need a larger production capacity than our single KARAT CNC machine is offering, so in early 2021 we ordered a second CNC machine, which we expect to receive before summer 2022.

For professionals we can inform, that our present KARAT CNC machine has 2 separately suspended engines; one 4 axis and one 5 axis engine. The work area is 6250 x 2200 x 450 mm.

This machine also has two vacuum tables of each 3100 x 2200 mm. These two tables may work independently which allows synchronous milling.


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