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Welcome to Gesten Bådaptering ApS


Gesten Bådaptering ApS is a large player in the yacht interior industry acting as a subcontractor supplying the entire interior or parts thereof to boat yards in Denmark as well as internationally.
For a number of years we have also supplied high quality luxurious custom furniture for Mega Yachts as well as other special interior furniture for different purposes.

Typical projects include
   • Yacht interior
   • Teak Decks
   • Special furniture
   • Complex laminated shapes
   • Doors and frames
   • CNC machining

Our Yachting Customers include
   • X-Yachts
   • Hallberg-Rassy
   • Luffe Yachts
   • Comfortina
   • Nordship Yachts

private customers
   • We also supply complete teak decks and interior to private customers recommissioning their private yachts


At Gesten Baadaptering ApS, it is always our ambition to deliver the best possible product to every customer.

Since 1978 We have gathered a large experience in working with Teak.

The quality of the Teak itself is of highest importance for the quality and durability of the final product.
Therefore, we travel to Teak producing countries every year to select the Teak we want to purchase and subsequently use for our products.

Just about every teak plank has been through our hands and is inspected before we enter into a purchase agreement.
Through this we get the best possible Teak on the market at any given time, and at the same time avoiding possible extra costs and complexity dealing through wholesalers.
This benefits the quality as well the cost of all our products.



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16 October 2018
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Gesten Bådaptering aps • V. Stationsvej 43-45 • DK-6621 Gesten

Tel. +45 75 55 76 11 • E-mail: